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About us


Web Mail Pharma came into inception in year with a prime goal of ensuring healthcare accessible to all. Healthcare is something that one can’t ignore and at the same time managing it is quite challenging. One of the biggest reasons for this is the increasing price of healthcare. Keeping it in mind we’ve opened one of its kind online pharmacies that helps you to bring down your medical bills effortlessly.

Web Mail Pharma is home to endless prescription medicine that includes tramadol, Xanax, Carisoprodol, Cialis, Viagra, Tapentadol and many more. We keep adding new medicines to our portal so you don’t have to return empty hands.

We offer high-quality genuine medicine at the lowest price as possible. Many of you reading this might be thinking something like ‘how they can offer medicine(s) at low prices when outside same medicine(s) is available at 5 to 10 times higher price ’. In this, know that we are able to bring down the price because we are selling them online just like any other online portal. We don’t have to give any commission or percentages to any middle man.

Apart from that, people love to buy medicines from our portal. And here is the prime reason. Web Mail Pharma is quite popular for its special service that lets anyone buy online medicine without a prescription. We introduced such service just to avoid any hustle. We want to make it simple and easy. If we ask for a prescription then it might take a little longer to process your request. Now you just need to add your preferred medicine to cart and simply checkout just like any other online store.

What Our Client Says


First of all, it is very rare that our customers don’t get their order(s) on time. But as you are reading this it seems that you are facing any issues, we regret the inconvenience. We recommend you to check the shipping address just to ensure that it is correct. If it is from our side then you can just contact us by sending us an mail (contact@webmailpharma.com) or simply call us at (+1(906)-661-3500) to know the exact reason.

We can’t tell you about other portals but know that buying medicine from Web Mail Pharma is 100% safe and secure. From getting genuine medicine to the payment process everything is safeguarded. All the medicine you order from us stored in safe facilities. As far the online payment is concerned then we don’t store any of your card details. We keep only the general information like name, address, and contact info. Don’t worry we don’t sell it away from your personal information to any third party company as it is totally against our ethics and rules.

Don’t worry, you don’t receive any damage medicine. Every single medicine that you order from Web Mail Pharma comes with multiple packaging layers so it can stay non-affective from any outside force. In case, you still get any damaged medicine than simply let us know as soon you receive your package. We will be happy to replace your medicine without charging you a single penny.

No, you don’t have to show any prescription before ordering any medicine(s). We just want from you that you don’t abuse this service. By offering such service we assume that you already have a prescription.

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Phone: +1 906-661-3500
Email: expressmailpharmacy@gmail.com